Update [Prototype ver. 1.02]


1. Press S to skip narrative/video scenes (Debug use only)




Update [Prototype ver.1.01]

スクリーンショット 2017-05-20 23.54.54.png


1. Added a video clip to Scene 1.


To be updated

1. Video skip func in VideoEnds.cs

2. Scene skip func in Narrative.cs

Debug 01 [Prototype Ver. 1.00]

[Major bugs]

1.  null references


Start() functions on the objects are loaded in the order not the same time.


“Awake() to initialise and Start() to get functions” solved this.

2. Battle errors when several characters died at once


in Update(), the detection of dead characters is called in “foreach” on the list of character, and “enemiesNo (count of enemies) – 1” is calculated for each dead character.

In one frame, it may reduce more than 1 from enemiesNo.

But the actual destruction of dead characters is called after the detection put the dead characters’ IDs in a List called “dead”. (This is because List type cannot be resized while the foreach.)

So in one frame, it may destroy only one character object.

Therefore this gap may cause “dead but still alive” character in the following few frames, and the detection still calculate “enemiesNo – 1” until the character object is destroyed.

This was confusing Battle winning judgement using “enemiesNo == 0”.

Also, the destruction was destroying dead[0] first and it caused system error when Enemy1 and Enemy2 dies at the same time.

The detection detects Enemy1’s death first and put him in the dead[], then the destruction destroys Enemy1 first.

In this Battle script, to skip the dead character’s turn, the dead character will be removed from the characters’ List (character[]), therefore when Enemy1 is destroyed, Enemy2 will replace his position, and the destruction cannot find and destroy Enemy2 in the position told from the detection.


Changed methods to count playerNo and enemiesNo to counting objects with tag directly.

Also changed the priority of destruction to dead[dead.Count – 1].

[Next to do]

1. Scene 1 video

2. Creating skipping scenes method for Debug?


[Debug: Video ***CAUTION: serious spoiler!!***]

Unity 20 [New UIs and Battle class]

[Things to do]
1. Introducing new UIs and graphics/animations Elfi made – ok
2. Introducing SEs – ok
3. Battle improvement – simplification – ok

[Next to do]
1. add new spells between battles
2. battle sound/graphic effects
3. page turning, Spells library

[Battle Improvements]
1. managing healths/character obj in lists
2. fix spell effects/game balance
3. make it clearer to pass it to James

[Page turning ideas]
1. control with int which increases/decreases 1pf samely as fading

[Spell library fading]
1. tag the lines and control their alphas

[other ideas]
1. Scene 1 change to video scene?



[pdf]NEW UI & Battle

unity 19 [Background music]

[Things to do]
1. renew UI illustrations – this weekend
2. sound effects – after they get sound clips
3. new spells after the first battle
4. promotional video – next weekend!

[Things done]
1. renewed UI – modified some design too
2. background music – want to keep playing between scenes
– create “mainmusic” class which isn’t destroyed when scene changes.
– insert public audioclip on TransScene class


[pdf]Main Audio Class

[Next to do]
1. setting all the SEs along with Elfi’s guide
2. adding new spells for battles
3. video! XD

Unity 18 [Battle Scene]

[Things to do]
1. make the battle scenes more visually fun
2. change enemy’s sprites to hurt when hp is lower than 50
3. Fix small bugs:
– turn No. doesn’t change -ok
– enemy attacks in the turn he dies by curse -ok

[Next to do]
1. Add sound effects and animations
2. battle spells should be same as tutorial spells? – ask Adam


* enemies and players don’t be dead with curse/rain damages.

* AI kills the lower health character first.


[pdf] Battle Scene